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Sunday, September 19, 2021
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2020 SEJ Episcopal Nominees

Welcome to the page to provide Southeastern Jurisdictional Conference delegates with information about the process for assignment of Bishops in the SEJ, as well as information about persons nominated by their respective delegations or organizations to be considered for the episcopacy.
Helpful information includes the paragraph ¶403 from The Book of Discipline 2016, as well as guidelines from our SEJ Committee on Episcopacy regarding discerning a nominee for the episcopacy. In addition, each episcopal nominee has submitted two Principles Agreements -- one is signed by the nominee, and one is signed by a representative of the nominating body.
We invite you to study this page and related links carefully, consider the information provided, and pray for those persons nominated to be a part of this important process. Pray also for discernment in the decisions to be made, including the assignment of our episcopal leaders to areas of the Jurisdiction.
Information will continue to be posted as it is received.

Questions Provided by SEJ Committee on Episcopacy

The SEJ Committee on Episcopacy provided nominees with a set of questions and asked that each respond. The responses submitted by each nominee can be viewed by clicking on the individual's name.
    Alvarez, Iosmar (KY Conference) responses to questions
     Austin, Sharon (FL Conference) responses to questions
    Berlin, Tom (VA Conference) responses to questions
    Bowers, Sharon (BMCR of Holston) responses to questions
    Britton, Fred (MS Conference) responses to questions
    Coles, Amy (WNC Conference) responses to questions
    Conner, Glenn (NAL Conference) responses to questions
    Eason-Williams, Autura (MEM Conference) responses to questions
    Gleaves, Edith (NC Conference) responses to questions
    Nelson, Kenneth (SC Conference) responses to questions
    Rosario, Ileana (MARCHA) responses to questions (to be provided)
    Shelton, Connie Mitchell (SEJ Clergywomen) responses to questions
    Thomas, Byron (NGA Conference) responses to questions

Biographical Information and Photographs of Episcopal Nominees

     Alvarez, Iosmar (KY Conference) (photo here)  
     Austin, Sharon (FL Conference) (photo here)
     Berlin, Tom (VA Conference) (photo here)
     Bowers, Sharon (BMCR of Holston) (photo here)
     Britton, Fred (MS Conference) (photo here)
     Coles, Amy (WNC Conference) (photo here)
     Conner, Glenn (NAL Conference) (photo here)
     Eason-Williams, Autura (MEM Conference) (photo here)
     Gleaves, Edith (NC Conference) (photo here)
     Nelson, Kenneth (SC Conference) (photo here)
     Rosario, Ileana (MARCHA) (to be provided)
     Shelton, Connie Mitchell (SEJ Clergywomen) (photo here)
     Thomas, Byron (NGA Conference) (photo here)