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Tuesday, January 25, 2022
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2012 SEJ Documents


*Paperless Notice*
Many of the pre-conference business items are in PDF format only. They will not be published.Anyone interested in viewing these documents should download them to a computer or e-reader device.

Conference General Information 

Business Items  

Episcopal Election Information


Full information regarding the episcopal elections, including nominees, round robin schedule, balloting FAQ, ballot results, etc., may be found on our Episcopal Election page here. 

Worship Services 

Daily Christian Advocate

This publication is distributed daily with the official proceedings and news stories. It will be uploaded each evening as it is sent to press and available in printed format for delegates the next morning. The final wrap-up edition will be available on Saturday, July 21, as a PDF only on this website.

General News Articles

Please view additional articles on our "news" page here. 

Housing/Off-Site Lodging Information

Housing Information - How to book lodging February 1, 2012
Lodging Information - Information about Lodging at Lake Junaluska
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